Premier Crematory, L.L.C., provides cremation service for the General Public, Hospices, Hospitals, Funeral Homes and Medical Colleges of Science.

Premier Crematory, L.L.C., is a professional crematory intermediary that provides comprehensive:

  • Licensed Funeral Directors
  • Licensed Embalmers
  • Certified Cremationists
  • Personnel available 24 hours a day

Our mission is to meet the communities needs of the funeral service and the cremation profession by utilizing thee professional funeral service skills of competent men and women who display character, integrity and loyalty in a proficient manner.
Premier Crematory, L.L.C. has positioned itself at the front of a nationwide cremation trend and will continue its growth. The management of Premier Crematory, L.L.C. will offer a sense of devotion and eminence to all families and ensure the families have access to top funeral directors and certified cremationists.